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If you are running a web business and haven't been hiding under a rock, you've undoubtedly heard of Google's Penguin update. Google has started checking the backlinks pointing to your site for quality, and you get penalized every time it finds a link pointing to you that is not good quality.

It's got the entire Internet world in panic, and rightly so.

Experiences like these are all over the Internet. The problem is, there's no way to know if you've got the Penguin penalty on your website. Google doesn't tell you, there's no status change, but there are some very important signs.

If you see any of these signs on your website, you have got the Penguin problem.

Got any of the above issues and wondering what you did to deserve this? I don't blame you... Almost every website owner I know who has got these symptoms is absolutely clueless about what's happening.

The Penguin update from Google keeps a strict eye on all the websites which are linking to you, and if any of these websites are low-quality, your rankings are lowered.

Isn't this terrible! You are being penalized for something that you absolutely don't have any control over. If some bad quality website like link-farms, stat websites, ad-pages, link directories, article directories, forums or blogs link to you... You have to suffer the consequences!

It's like a poison injection. You get it once and then you can never re-emerge. Week after week your rankings are lowered and you get lesser and lesser traffic no matter how much you do.

But here's the silver lining!

One way

Identify the bad backlinks, and disavow them.

Yes, if you can identify which backlinks are bad, you can create a Google Disavow file, submit it to Google and Google will remove the impact of those backlinks from your rankings. Your overall rankings will improve rapidly.

In fact you should be disavowing bad backlinks even if you don't feel there's a Penguin penalty on your website. This is recommended by Google itself. Watch this video by Matt Cutts, who heads the Webspam team at Google.

That's right, disavowing bad links helps everybody. Even if you feel that your site is strong and you are getting good growth, disavowing bad links can accelerate it.

That brings us to a fresh, and a bigger problem.

Backlinks research is a long and time-consuming, and SEO analysts who specialize in this typically charge thousands of dollars to go through all your backlinks, doing a lot of manual analysis to find out the backlinks that don't fit the bill and disavowing them.

Even if you made that expensive choice once and got your bad backlinks removed, you will have to do it over and over because new backlinks to your site are created all the time whether you want it or not.

Too many of these links are bad quality. Links from automated directories, syndicated content websites, link-farms etc. You have absolutely no control over them.

As a fellow website owner who runs websites that gets tens of thousands of visitors every day, I have been working hard on this problem. I've spent hours and hours analyzing and reading up everything that I could find about Penguin, and applying it on my own websites.

In the process I designed small tools and utilities that I used to perform my own analysis. I got have got some spectacular results... Just look at the traffic on my websites.

Finally, I brought all the utilities together and created an automated software called Penguin Recovery Jeet which analyzes nearly 20 different parameters to find which backlinks are bad and destroy a website's ranking. My unique system checks both domain and webpage respectability to give you a conclusive verdict on bad backlinks.

Penguin Recovery Jeet Demo

Penguin Recovery Jeet

Penguin Testimonial

Doing this analysis 100% manually will take days for just one big site if you were to subject every single link to the scrutiny it deserves. Just have a look at the factors:

Doing this analysis 100% manually will take days for just one big site if you were to subject every single link to the scrutiny it deserves. Just have a look at the factors:

Penguin Recovery Jeet is a fully automated tool that will check every link pointing to your site and will subject them to a thorough examination and discover all the links that are toxic and are lowering your website rankings.

It is the only software that conducts such a thorough review of each link and is available at such an affordable one-time price.

That's right. Credible alternatives to Penguin Recovery Jeet that do the same kind of analysis charge $99 or more EVERY MONTH!!

They are able to sell their product this expensive because that's what getting rid of the Penguin penalty is worth.

But if you act now, you can buy Penguin Recovery Jeet for only ...

Penguin Recovery Jeet

You might think I am a bit crazy for offering such a deal, but this is not the first time I am doing this. Offering a crazy deal that almost seems like a throwaway.

So yes, if you click on this buy button right now, you can get rid of your Penguin Penalty for a crazy throwaway price.

Even if you are paying $99 a month to any of the alternatives, you can still analyze only a very small number of backlinks.

I am sure by now you understand the worth of this product, the action taker in you is awake, and you are committed to your online success as much as I am to helping you achieve it.

No matter what sort of website you have : A blog, a sales portal, an e-commerce website, a sales page... You can get much more organic traffic if your website is untainted by Penguin.

All it takes, is to mark up those bad backlinks, create a disavow file and submit it to Google. A process that's unbelievably harsh if done manually, but with Peguin Recovery Jeet it's a breeze.

Just fire up Penguin Recovery Jeet and press a few buttons!

That's all YOU need to do.

If you've watched the demo, you already know how simple to use and effective Penguin Recovery Jeet is. I've made sure even a newbie can use it and exploit all the features.

You will not be spending hours poring over cryptic spreadsheets, and charts trying to understand what you need to do.

Yep! I am absolutely certain that Penguin Recovery Jeet is the best investment you can make to save yourself from the Penguin penalty. So certain that I am offering you a 100% risk-free guarantee.

Penguin Recovery Jeet comes with a 30-day 100% refund guarantee!

Penguin Recovery Jeet

Now that you've made your decision. Welcome to a new world. A world in which Google's cute animals don't destroy your business. In which you can focus on getting your content right, on your marketing strategy, instead of wondering if all the investment of money and time that you're making in your website is going to be worth nothing.

Welcome to a world without Penguin penalty!

To your success!